For the Healthcare Providers the benefits of using our “Patient Specific” devices are:
 ❖ Time savings during surgery
 - 15 minutes saved during setting up in the operating room
 - 15 minutes saved during the surgery
❖ Minimization of infection rate
The time saving during the surgery minimizes infection risk which is the leading cause of failure in
TKR; thus, additionally minimizing the related extra costs
❖ Decrease of comorbidities caused by blood transfusion
❖ Faster recovery and reduced hospital stays. Time saving is a crucial success factor for Healthcare
❖ Reduction of implant-related errors and waste in TKR
❖ Rehabilitation programmes optimization derived from knee-band wearables


Surgeons and Physioterapists benefit from personalized implants that reduce the rate of patients’ non-satisfaction and provide higher performances regarding the range of motion and rehabilitation.

YOURKNEE offers:

❖ Innovative surgical techniques and "Computer Assisted" devices to make surgery faster and more accurate without any added efforts

❖ Providing a gold standard technology, supported by a straightforward surgical procedure

❖ Besides, the feedback from post-surgical monitoring will help Surgeons to improve surgical techniques

❖ Moreover Surgeons and Physioterapists will be able to monitor the patients’ rehabilitation and implants performances remotely through the dedicated web application

❖ Personalised and monitored rehabilitation triggering the best possible results and reducing the need of surgical revision, also thanks to the Surgeons and Physioterapists continuous monitoring through the wearables and the web application as the virtual personal trainer who notifies, checks and pushes patient to respect all the activities planned in the rehabilitation protocol


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