According to all the orthopaedic public registers and to the scientific publications, Patients who undergo a traditional knee surgery may feel pain and disease during the first 12 months after surgery, and up to 20% of them remain longer with pain, causing a lot of discomfort during daily activities. This is mainly caused by a mismatch between devices and personal anatomy that creates pain and negatively impact on the quality of life. Younger patients with a more active life-style put more stress on the implants and suffer most from less than optimal implant sizing.
Patients will benefit from “Patient Specific” implants and a cutting-edge "Computer Assisted" surgical technique with “Patient Specific” instrumentation, which will trigger:
❖ Reduction of infection rate based on time saving in the OR
❖ Bone loss reduction, since the "Patient Specific" concept reduces the bone loss, preserving bone stock and soft tissues for a faster rehabilitation
❖ Blood loss reduction, since shorter operation times reduce blood loss and thus help avoid blood
❖ Faster recovery, based on the time saving in OR and an onset reduction of infections and
❖ Personalised and monitored rehabilitation triggering the best possible results and reducing the need of surgical revision, also thanks to the surgeons and physioterapists continuous monitoring through the wearables and the web application as the virtual personal trainer who notifies, checks and pushes patient to respect all the activities planned in the rehabilitation protocol


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