What we do

We are reinventing the design and production of knee replacements through the use of advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and cutting procedures assisted by IT tools.

We care about the whole experience, pre-op to post-op: from the analysis of the patient's anatomy, to the surgery, to the sensor equipped wearables, that will allow both the patient and the surgeon to monitor the results.

Who will benefit

Our technology will bring immediate and measurable results:

  • to patients,
    by promoting a less invasive surgery and shortening the recovery time;
  • to surgeons,
    who will have better tools to plan and perform the surgery, and will operate in conditions of greater safety;
  • to the hospital facilities and clinics,
    by shortening hospital stays and improving the planning of clearly defined timelines.

Stay in touch

Soon our integrated technological platform will be ready.

  • Edays
  • Thours
  • Aminutes
  • seconds

We are designing the new website and the mobile apps that will come with our tools, to offer a completely renewed joint replacement experience.

Social networks

We are on   LinkedIn and   YouTube.

Contact us

Write an email to   hello@rejoint.life.

About us

Rejoint is a start-up pioneer in new technology and surgical approaches in Total Knee Arthroplasty.

The company is led by people with more than 20 years in the orthopaedic industry and by previous members of worldwide leading medtech companies like Covidien, Smith&Nephew, Sorin and Bellco.

This project is endorsed by the 🇪🇺 EU Horizon 2020 SME Innovation and Research Program, as a recipient of the Fast Track to Innovation award.


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