Invest in Rejoint


The next approach to orthopedics.

You know? Over 25% of TKA patients are dissatisfied about their treatment outcomes causing frustration and extra-workload to Healthcare Providers (HCPs). Moreover HCPs spend time and money to manage surgeries and stock.

Patients are more demanding, HCPs more sensitive to cost-effectiveness and they increasingly care about their image.

All the stakeholders involved in TKA deserve a treatment that minimizes the risk of patient dissatisfaction and allows for a more efficient management of resources.

The REJOINT personalized solution, unique in the world, brings together all the latest technologies to improve patient outcome and satisfaction, decrease the risk of complications and raise the standards of patient care:

  • Pre-op planning through Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D printed personalized implants
  • Computer Aided Surgery combined with 3D printed personalized instruments
  • IoT connected Sensorized Wearables and dedicated Apps to link up the patient to the surgeon and allow for remote monitoring of patient performance.
  • Big data base on every single patient treated


A breakthrough and cost - effective solution.

The REJOINT approach brings benefits to you. Now you have the opportunity to invest in a game changer solution in orthopedics which provides:

  • Better surgical outcomes, higher performance 
  • Higher surgical standards
  • Up to 20% reduction of surgery time allowing for more surgeries per day and saving direct costs per surgery 
  • Decreasing at maximum the risk of infection, blood transfusion and overall complications thanks to a faster and less invasive surgery
  • Relevant cut of costs related to sterilization, preparation/dismantling of OR, resterilization of compromised instruments, tipically due to damaged packaging, tray contamination or mistakes in box opening (up to 5% of reported cases)
  • Length of stay reduction allowing for faster bed turnaround and faster patient recovery 
  • One surgery, one box: no need for stock management and handling, leaner work flow
  • Utmost advanced patient management

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