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Rejoint for Healthcare Professionals


Technology at your service

Over 25% of your TKA patients are dissatisfied and this is mainly due to poor implant fit, difficult balancing and implant alignment challenges.

For nowadays patients who are more and more demanding , you deserve a solution that maximizes yours and your patients’ satisfaction.

The REJOINT personalized solution, unique in the world adds:

  • Pre-op planning through Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D printed personalized implants 
  • Computer Aided Surgery combined with 3D printed personalized instruments
  • Sensorized Wearables and dedicated app to connect you to your patients and remotely monitor their recovery and performance
  • Telemedicine services to make medical consultations easier and cost effective: your patients can book it when you want, adding flexibility to your schedule


Better Outcomes and better health economics

The REJOINT approach brings benefits to you:

  • Better surgical outcomes, higher performances 
  • Higher surgical standards
  • Up to 20% reduction of surgery time, allowing for more surgeries per day and saving direct costs per surgery 
  • Decreasing at maximum the risk of infection, blood transfusion and overall complications thanks to a faster and less invasive surgery
  • Relevant cut of costs related to sterilization, preparation/dismantling of OR, resterilization of compromised instruments, tipically due to damaged packaging or tray contamination, mistakes in box opening (up to 5% of reported cases)
  • Length of stay reduction allowing for faster bed turnaround and faster patient recovery 
  • One surgery, one box: no need for stock management and handling, leaner work flow

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